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GARDENS Art vtMKbW V A Nice Spot For Baby Fish To Hide JACK BETZ: when Herman said, "Clean up," out went the pool and $800. t- t- - i i4AMZON SWORD: most popular o underioatcr plants can grot three feet tall. f a 'In UNDERWATER GARDENS have not become as commonplace commonplace as those grown above the ground but they are gaining in popularity along with the hobby of keeping tropical fish, "There are approximately 400 different kinds of plants used in aquariums, according to Jack Betz, . manager of the Jungle Aquarium located at the Cutler Ridge Shopping Center. Aquatic vegetation plays an important part in successful aquarium management There are several important ways in which plants benefit the aquarist. Plants have the ability, under the influence of light, to develop free oxygen and to absorb car-bon car-bon car-bon dioxide. Fish, like other animals, breathe air. Pure water is composed of two parts hydrogen and one of oxygen but it is not the oxygen of the water itself which supports fish life. The water dissolves air fcito itself, and this dissolved air is absorbed by the gills of the fish and furnishes the air necessary for life. Under the stimulation of Tight plants give off much pure oxygen which is absorbed directly into the water. If the plants are unusually active they furnish more oxygen than the water can take up and small streams of bubbles rise from the top of the leaves. Just as climatic conditions determine the growth of the plant in the ground, so conditions in the aquarium determine aquatic growth. Heat reduces the oxygen holding power of the water and too much light tends to turn the water green. Plants also keep the aquarium clean. As waste from the fish enters the aquarium it is absorbed through the roots and leaves of the plants as fertilizer. The water is kept clean by the plant life which also provides shade. Many fish deposit their eggs on plants. In most species the baby fish must hide among the plants to avoid being eaten by their parents. Last but not least is the decorative value of the aquarium plant which gives the fish's home away from borne a natural look. "At the moment the most popular of the underwater plants is the Amazon Sword," said Betz. "This is a broad leaf plant which grows from three inches to three feet tall depending on the depth of the water. Hundered of tiny plants are produced on the heavy fibrous string which the mother Amazon Sword sends out each year. The tiny plants are removed from the string and planted in soil in the same or another aquarium. They are fed with liquid fertilizer which does not harm the fish." Crytocoryne is another popular underwater plant. There are about twelve different species, each one shaped differently and with different coloring. Ciliata, for example, is a dull green-red green-red green-red with crinkled edges and the most popular and graceful of the family. Most of the plants have been imported from other parts of the world by far-sighted far-sighted far-sighted businessmen who envisioned a lucrative business in aquatic plants and wanted to get in on the ground floor. One of these imports is Madagascar lace, i HOLES DRILLED Jtecttoe "MmI Economical War tent" DAVIS NURSERIES, Inc. 77 S.W. 7f Ava. MO 1-3111 1-3111 1-3111 Advertise In The Miami Netvs Call FR 4-6211 4-6211 4-6211 - afT i am t" MI LI J ' e -in-' -in-' -in-' -in-' m AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE 100 N.W. 97th Ave. OX 1-2311 1-2311 1-2311 OX 1-9591 1-9591 1-9591 g Poillt SyStCITI 1 HOUR While You Wait! SERVICE cant in ni rici CHECK MP All Makes Cora & Trucks OS THE SPOT FINANCING Complete Stock of Rebuilt Radiators Free Pick-Up Pick-Up Pick-Up ond Delivery Service Open 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. Mon.-Sat. Mon.-Sat. Mon.-Sat. Largest Radiator Shop in Florida Replacement Rodiators Guaranteed 2 Yrt. REMOVE RADIA TOR f ROM CAR CLEAN 4 ROD RADIATORS BACK FLUSH ENGINE BLOCK TEST RADIATOt 101 LEAKS ft REPAIR PAINT ft INSTALL RADIATORS ALL WORK GUARANTEED TEST THERMOSTAT ft PMSSURE CAP-CHECK CAP-CHECK CAP-CHECK WATER PUMP ft ALL HOSES AHC AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE We Honor All Major Credit Cards ORCHID PLANTS Large flower cartleya hybrid Well grown plants priced accord! seedling . ng to size. $1.50 to $2.75 $2.50 to $3.50 $1.75 to $5.25 $1.75 tl $3.50 $3.25 ts $5.25 1. Lc. Walter Armactst X Lc. Bonanza AM AOS OavJ 2. Sic. Anne FCC RHS X Sic. Miami (red) 3. Lc. S. J. Bracey HHC AOS X C. Probity (yellow) 4. C. Empress Bells X Self (white) 5. C. Creen Com X Be. Minerva (ereen) S. C. Amethvstif lossa X Blc. Pastel (oastel snot pink) $2.50 ts $4.25 Offering ever 300 different kind ef orchid species of vorioas color end aenere. Now available from Malaya, Grsmmotophyllum Speciosum, the earth's largest orchid with growth to 20 feet with many S-inch S-inch S-inch flowers of yellow marked red. Price $25.00 to $50.00 per plant. Descriptive price list of 230 different orchid species presented to visitors. Our brood selection selection ef plants are most reasonably priced. ORCHID OAKS NURSERY "A Wonderland of Orchids Among Majestic Oaks" 8440 S.W. 107th Avenue Phone 271-3738 271-3738 271-3738 Directions: From U.S. 1 or Palmetto Expressway go west on N. Kendall Dr. (S.W. 88 St.) to S.W. 107th Ave., then right one block Hours: Weekdays :00 to 5:00 Joseph R. Redlinger Owner cZMEdoysuNDAY$ 1:00 faule E. Nagle Manager by marilyn lane perhaps the most beautiful and in many cases most expensive of aquarium plants. Although the plant is heavy and leathery it looks like a piece of delicate lace. "Albert Greenberg of Tampa was one of the importers of the plant. His experiments experiments over the last 20 years helped it to become a prolific grower," said Betz. There are several native aquarium plants which are also grown. They are anacharis, myriophyllum with very fine feathery leaves which range in color from bronze green to deep green, and others. Betz says that "hobbyists who live in South Florida are lucky. We have more varieties of underwater plants to choose from than anywhere else in the United States. The price ranges from a few cents to twenty dollars each." He feels that most adults are lured into the tropical fish and underwater plant field through their youngsters. "I started with a goldfish bowl as a kid." Along the way Betz was a skater with Holiday On Ice and won bronze, silver and gold medals in roller skating contests. "I was shipped to Miami Beach for basic training while in the service and got sand in my shoes. Eventually I returned to Miami and my first hobby, underwater underwater plants." Although he has been in the business for twelve years, first as a wholesaler and for the past two years as a retailer, Betz still recalls his first job. "It was with Herman Blass, who then owned Franjo Fisheries. Herman told me to siphon a pool (that's aquarium talk for cleaning out leaves). I siphoned it all right plants and all. It cost Herman $800 to replace everything that I destroyed in the siphoning process. It's a good thing he didn't deduct it from my salary." BSG ROSE JUMBO QUALITY (BETTER THAN NO. I GRADE) 30 Patented Varieties COMPLETE ROSE GARDEN PACKAGE INCLUDES PEAT MOSS ROSE FOOD PLANTING SOIL ' AND THE ROSE OF YOUR CHOICE st)99 FOR REG. ONLY C- C- 4.14 sf I in nr VALUE L, LAWN & GARDEN CENTER 1625 SW 67th Ave. MO 6-8901 6-8901 6-8901 OPEN SUNDAYS tl OCTOBER , 18, , 1964 MIAMI The Miami News PAGE 27

Clipped from The Miami News18 Oct 1964, SunMain EditionPage 67

The Miami News (Miami, Florida)18 Oct 1964, SunMain EditionPage 67
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