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Clough wife tells story - PINDER SUSPECT'S BRIDE TELLS STORY Clough Had...
PINDER SUSPECT'S BRIDE TELLS STORY Clough Had Gun -Wife -Wife By DON PETIT Miami Daily Newt Staff Writer The estranged wife of Gordon was embarrasing,' "It said. "I had no idea that he wa uHth a inf nf monev." she said ' BtinnAPAl Itnn ttnsl nnnfliint' - Gale Clough, 30. said today she To with" a" murSe7 ffittSi" f was with her husband until short- short- homicide detectives came out to,course at that time I didn t know she'couldn't make a missing persons jpaper story in their paper .that report out unless he was missing led to Lewis' arrest. 'They didn't mention that tney "That sounded kind of funny ly before Mrs. Dora Pinder was murdered last Aug. 7. She told The Miami Daily News in an exclusive interview that he had in his possession a pistole!t:, get some information recently," she said. Eldredge confirmed this. "One Of Those Things" It's one of those things," he She s a nice girl and just anything about this Pinder busi ness." She would not express any opinion about Clough's innocence or guilt. 'That's the police's job. He nev- nev- got the information for that story from our own ho: i men. The newspaper story had absolutely nothing to do with the solving of this case, he said. "It was just good police work. which from ner description, po-igot po-igot po-igot married to someone she didn't er said anything to me about any ce saia was a Beretta, tne type Know mucn aDoui. used in the robbery-slaying robbery-slaying robbery-slaying of thJ Mrs. Clough said that her hus wife of Miami's notorious num-'and num-'and num-'and wa? around their residence bers racket kingpin. killing," she said. Headley Is Pleased Headley, obviously irked by cri- cri- by Miami Police Chief Walter E. Headley and Chester Eldredge, chief of the homicide bureau. for nearly two weeks after the ti;cm (rnm.cmp nnarters over - . , livigiu . v. . . 1 " Pollr. Li W. MS aeparuneni S iianumig ui uic ronca uitt wraps che sa:j v AAn eivP anv in- in- ;ctiof,nn iH tnHav thP , i o- o- j i ixi v vaugHuvii MM j ine wraps on the months-long months-long months-long 'dication of having any money, "cracking of the case should take investigation, climaxed last night! "Except one day he told me care of those people." with the arrest of Clough on a'he had to g0 to chicag to sell "One newspaper (not The Daily a L . , a house he owned," she said. "IiNews) has done its best to make turner marge, were miea xoaay thoueht he was coins to ask me f ,.5r that huneM this for more, money but he said he case from start to finish," he was going to borrow some from sai,j a woman who owed him some." notice today they are trying She sairi that wae thp last (hp i. .i 1:1 t .u- .u- .-.- .-.- .-.- .-.- c xiAla,, v, tit' '. . . iio lae cieun mi uic mint ui ; Z:l " xt T ' : X: ra.ot VIouga.untl Fe muerCl0Ugh by saying it was a news- news- uuic uik wuu investigation led to mm. naa oeen neia ior quesuomng ior Reported Missing weeks, turned states evidence! ' and placed Clough within a block i. Wne" .he told Jm1e,ineu.wfs g0 of the Pinder home the day of the'?? to Chicago I didn't think any- any- murder uung aooui u unui someuuuy &aia mey saw mm aowniown a iew days later," she said. She added that she waited to hear from him lor another couple couple of days and then went to police headquarters to make a missing persons report on him. The girl there told me she Headley and Eldredge said that Lewis told them he went with Clough by bus to the Midway Bar, NE 54th Street and 3rd Avenue the day of the murder and that; Clough left the bar alone fori about 10 minutes." I The police chief said. Lewis contended he did not know where Clough went during his absence but that when he returned he insisted insisted on leaving the place immediately. immediately. , - "Lewis said that Clough called a cab and they went downtown," Headley said. Leaned Clough Gun ' Eldredge said that Lewis told him he loaned to Claugh a Beretta Beretta pistol sometime before the holdup-murder holdup-murder holdup-murder occurred. "Lewis insists he didn't have anything to do with the murder," Eldredge said. Lewis described Clough as "very nervous" when he returned to the barroom, which is just one block north of th Pinder residence. residence. Meanwhile, Mrs. Elaine Clough, told The Daily News today that she married Clough about two weeks before the Pinder murder. "He was the biggest liar and con man I ever met," she said. She recalled that on the afternoon afternoon of the murder she was with Clough and Lewis in the Shell room of the Miami Colonial Hotel, Hotel, 146 Biscayne Blvd. Recalls Day Of Slaying "Clough said that he had to go and pick up some money from a woman," she recalled. "He asked Lewis to go along with him. That's all I know about the whole thing." Eldredge picked up the trail by placing Lewis and Clough on a bus and later inside the Midway Bar. Mrs. Clough, a pretty Miami waitress, said that she was cer tain her husband had a Beretta pistol. "We lived together for about two weeks after our marriage. she said. "I saw the gun around the place. She said that Clough represent ed himself as an accountant when she met him. Thought I Was In Love "I thought I was in love with him and we got married, she said. 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Clipped from
  1. The Miami News,
  2. 02 Apr 1953, Thu,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 4

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