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Baggs_Dec_22nd_1946_Santa_Pilots_FIMcol - FLYING IN MIAMI 1 Florida Air Pilots Send Santa...
FLYING IN MIAMI 1 Florida Air Pilots Send Santa To See Poor Children T r -s -s 1 By WILLIAM BAGGS (Miami Uaily News Staff Wrlter - . Every now , and then some little incident seizes our adult attention and makes us realize that' there's a lot more to living than making a dollar or buying groceries. Such an cccurrence took place last Wednes day and I am proud to reveal that an aviation organization was be hind it. The incident consisted of 228 shining eyes belonging to the kids at ' Dade County Children's Home. The children had just seen Santa Claus and that the old man In red suit gave them all a pat on the head.:: called them by their name and presented them each with different Christmas gift. Florida Air Pilots assn. got the idea a few weeks ago that the chil dren would like to see Santa in the flesh. Of ficials of the or- or- ganization " got In I touch with Saint 1 Nick and they'j hatched up a lit-1 lit-1 lit-1 tie party. In brief. here's what hap- hap- f . pened: f , The kids came f , out to Brown'i ; Airport Wednes- Wednes- Saint Nick day afternoon. They had scarcely assembled along the fence off the landing area, when Old Saint Nick came down out of the clouds in a little red plane: He was followed by two FAPA helpers, each in an other plane. In all three ships were gifts for the children scrambled together together down by the ence. . Santa landed and along with two helpers, he taxied up to the fence where the children were now laugh ing, yelling and jumping In sheer ecstacy. Out of . the plane climbed Santa and he began unloading gifts. The kids along the fence could hardly wait. In fact, they couldn't wait. Lake sheep over a fence they camel; ' Hugging Santa's big black boots - (for they could reach no higher) and rubbing their cheeks against .the big Christmas spirit's ropgh hands. I have never seen such a sight Old Saint Nick started passing out the presents. "Where's my Mary Ellen?" he boomed out and a little, curly-headed curly-headed curly-headed youngster came flying flying across to see Santa. He patted Mary Ellen's head and held a most intimate conversation regarding her behavior for the past year. Just Santa and Mary Ellen. I expect that the little girl, who couldn't have been over five, will remember remember 'that one-minute one-minute one-minute conversation when she lays on her death bed years hence. , Santa passed out all of his gifts that way. The children of the home ! came up and got to stroke the red flannel suit or "cheek" the weather- weather- beaten hand. Then, Old Saint Nick said he must go. He climbed in his plane and waved to the chil dren, each holding most possessive ly: to the gift that Santa had given. In a moment,. Saint Nick was down the field and soon was out of sight in ! the darkening afternoon clouds. Looking around the scene, I noticed that' the laughter of the children had given away to quiet tears on their scrubbed-clean scrubbed-clean scrubbed-clean faces. Santa had come and now, Santa had gone. A more revealing observation was that noticed a moment later when I studied the faces of grown men who were watching the kids. There was a tear or two on the rough, sun-browned sun-browned sun-browned kissers of those big. grown men, too. This was the gift of an aviation group and a mighty fine one, too, I cannot think of anything that an aviation organization has done this year which was more constructive INTERESQUE Bevo Howard will be down for the Maneuvers in January. Bevo : got his big start here in the 1939 show ... C F. Fletcher was the pilot of the plane which the army reported downed in the Eevrglades last Thursday, Fletch was hunting. Along withi the engineer in the swamp was J. O. Alderman, the lumberman and flier . . . Art Curtis, if you haven't heard, will head that Latin trade center here , . . Roscoe Turner and his mustache are now in town. A new addition to the Turner-handle' Turner-handle' Turner-handle' bar combination Is his wife. They were married last week. 300,000 May See Annual Parade Police Map Plans For Bowl Festival Miami police were busy yester day with final details of plans to handle an anticipated crowd of some 300.000 expected to view the Orange Bowl parade New Year's eve. Last year an estimated throng of 250,000 witnessed the King Orange jamboree, packing Flagler st. from the Miami river bridge eastward and Biscayne blvd. from Flagler to NE 13th st Because the parade this year will turn southward at Flagler and Biscayne, traversing two blocks on the double-lane double-lane double-lane boule vard and s then turning northward, and because of the greater lavish-ness lavish-ness lavish-ness of floats this year,, at least 50,000 more people ; are expected to see the affair. Miami Beach's fiesta on Lincoln rd. Jan. 2 probably will attract another 150,000, officials believe. After 4:30 p. m. Dec. 31 all auto mobiles will be cleared from Flag ler st. parking zones east of the river, and parking will be pro hibited on the northbound lane of Biscayne blvd. from Flagler to; NE 13th . st. and on both lanes south of Flagler. - Barricades will go up against traffic in the parade area at 6:40 p. m. to remain on Flagler east of the railroad and. on the boulevard until 1 or 2 a. m. to give the revelling crowd time to disperse. Meridian Lodge Installs Friday Th$ .Meridian ' Davlieht Lode number 274. one of the few . Ma. sonic groups to hold daytime meetings, meetings, will install 1947 officers Friday Friday at 10 a. m. at Biscayne Bay lodge room, 124 NW 15th ave. New officers are : John Sims.

Clipped from
  1. The Miami News,
  2. 22 Dec 1946, Sun,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 12

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