Everglades New Year's Gala 1931

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Everglades New Year's Gala 1931 - oiity (ports o o o F&sMons 0 0 Nw it Seasonal...
oiity (ports o o o F&sMons 0 0 Nw it Seasonal Activities Qj 0 0 0 SEASON OPENING DANCE AT EVERGLADES ATTRACTS GAY THRONG NEW YEAR GREETED IN COLORFUL STYLE AT EXCLUSIVE CLUB Large Circle of Society Greets 1931 With Music and Merriment at Orange Gardens With Oala At-fair; At-fair; At-fair; Many Large Parties Are Noted IN A kaleidoscopic pattern of color and brilliance, the gala dinner dance with which the Everglades Club formally opened the season last night, brought to the far-famed far-famed far-famed Orange Gardens a large circle of society and greeted the infant year with" music and merriment. Dinner was served in the dining room, beautiful with its flower adorned tables at which prominent hosts and hostesses entertained at individual par ties. Tall fishtail palms filled the corners or tne room wnn a note or At each place at the tables : green, were noisemakeis, paper caps and balloons and all accompanying decorations decorations of New Year's Eve. The Everglades Symphony orchestra orchestra of which Bcrnar Barzelay is director, played for dancing. Guests wandering through the adjoining adjoining rooms between dances, admired admired the seventeenth century murals in the ball-room ball-room ball-room adjoining the gardens, murals of large size and priceless value brought from abroad by Paris Singer and recently recently hung. Among those of the colony who entertained groups of guests were Mr. and Mrs. G. Horton Glover who had at their table Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Cowell, Mrs. Frederick Lyman, Miss Elizabeth Stalnaker, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Sawyer, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Bennett, Wallace Benedict and William Henry Harrison. Harrison. Yellow roses and lilies of the valley formed the decoration for the table of Mr. and Mrs. F. Homer Smith who had a small group including including their house guest, Miss Mary Hoyt Wiborg of New York. Mr. and Mrs. William F. Bode of the Breakers, whose party was small, were hosts to their daughter, Miss Pauline Bode, Miss Mary .Schander and John Kerr of Detroit. On the table reserved by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Van. Riper, yellow roses were banked. Among their guests were Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Swift Strong, Mrs. John Harriman, Mrs. Chance Vought, Hulbert Bas-sett Bas-sett Bas-sett and Alfred Lawson. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Gayle Ros-son Ros-son Ros-son entertained a small group. Lilies of the valley accented the note of white and green carried out at their table. Dr. and Mrs. Edmund LeRoy Dow, who had planned to have a large group of their friends for both dinner and dancing, changed their arrangement because of the recent illness of Mrs. Dow and had a small dinner at home, bringing their guests later to the club to watch the old year -out. -out. A pastel shaded mound of yellow roses, pink snapdragons and valley lilies formed a charming decoration at the long table of Mr. and Mrs. Gayle G. Grant. Included among their guests were Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harry L. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Frank Douglas Craig, Mr. and Mrs. George F. Groves, Commodore and Mrs. Vincent B, Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Massey, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Scullin, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hanson, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick K. Ream, Dr. and Mrs. Bailey B. Sory, Mrs. Nettie E. Livermore, Mrs. Nell Kendall, Mrs. Samuel Cole, Mrs. Catherine M. Leggett, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey C. Wood-worth, Wood-worth, Wood-worth, Elmer Jordan, Ralph Webber, Webber, George Lynn and Ira Dunkle. Guests of Joseph C. Hutchison, who arrived Tuesday and .will be joined by Mrs. Hutchison January ' 10, were Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. William Moroney, George Altmeyer and Harold Pemberton. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Feltman entertained a party of eight. On their table were red roses. Accompanying Mrs. George Warren Warren Fuller to the club as her guests were Miss Polly Merritt, Miss Helen Holtzman, Mrs. Ethel Ogle, Harry Lee Creary, Gordon Fuller, John Calvert and Edward Valier. Red roses and orange blossoms combined combined to form a charming motif of red and white in the center of the table. One of the largest parties of the evening was that of Mrs. Bula Croker whose long table showed an elaborate decoration of red roses and valley lilies, the latter arranged high in the center to give the effect effect of a fountain spraying down into the surrounding pool of roses. Included among her guests were Mrs. Florence Edmundson, Mrs. Gonia Tinnin, Mr. and Mrs. Porte F. Quinn, Mr. and Mrs .Oscar S. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Earnest, Mr .and Mrs. James L. Turnage, Dr. and Mrs. Earl Claw-son, Claw-son, Claw-son, Mr, and Mrs. E. D. Creech, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farwell, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Clifton, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Warrick, Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Weadock, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Weadock, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Richard G. Johnson, jr., Mr. and Mrs. Owen Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Salisbury, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ploeckelman, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Cornelius, Mr. and Mrs. C. Comer Makin, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Black, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Robinson, Miss Betty Dunbar, J. Edward Johnson and Frank Robinson. Many Persons Returning ror Annual Pilgrimage Pilgrimage to Resort The Breakers continues as a focal point to long lists of important arrivals arrivals many of whom return each year to make this beautiful hotel their southern headquarters; Motoring over from Mountain Lakes where she has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. William Nichols Nichols at her home, was Miss Minnie P. Tilden of New York who Is spending her fourth season at the hotel. She arrived Tuesday as, did also Mr. and Mrs. David L. Luke of Tarrytown, N. Y. and their daughter, Miss Mary Luke who will spend a fortnight here now and leave, to return for the month of February accompanied also by .another .another daughter .Miss Jean Luke. Mr. Luke is on the Board of Governors Governors of the Old Guard Society and has many golf trophies to his credit; credit; he is president of the West Virginia Virginia Pulp and Paper Company. Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton Holt of Winter Park with Mrs. A. E. Dick, Cecil Oldham and A. J. Hanna. also of Winter Park, left yesterday having having arrived Tuesday morninc to attend attend Dr. Ward's funeral. Dr. Holt is president of Rollins College of which Dr. Ward was President Emeritus. Mrs. Holt and Mrs. Dick left directly after brealft and Dr. Holt, Mr. Hanna and Mr. Oldham Oldham later in the daw Mrs. John H. Lancaster of New York, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. William K. Vander- Vander- bllt on her yacht, the "Ara" at Miami Miami Beach, was a recent arrival. Arriving Tuesday were Mrs. Clarence Clarence H. Hyde, Mrs. John I. Kane, jr., Mrs.' Matthews Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Harris of New York. They expect to stay for two weeks. Another interesting group, arriving together, were Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Joyner, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Denton and Albert Kane of New York. They are making a tour of Florida and plan to stop at Pine-hurst Pine-hurst Pine-hurst and Aiken en route north. Harvey S. Firestone, president of the International Firestone Manufacturing Manufacturing industries, motored up from his winter home at Miami Beach Tuesday for luncheon at the Breakers, bringing with him a party party of guests which included Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Babcock, Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Runals and F. M. Cole. All were of Akron, Ohio, which is Mr. Firestone's home, except Mr. Cole who is from New York. Another luncheon guest on Tuesday was A. H. Blssell, jr., of New York. Sam- Sam- NEW COSTUMES ARE SHOWN FOR RESORT WEAR " - tt5" I FIGURE PASSES THREE MILLION jM YEAR Palm Beach Terminates One of Most Active Years of Building This little blue suedine jacket Is worn over a one-piece one-piece one-piece white jersey dress in an attractive model from Best & Company's Palm Beach shop. The white felt sport hat is a copy of Rose Valois. , t Three-piece Three-piece Three-piece white linen beach pajamas are worn with a weave hat in this typically Palm Beach costume shown by Company here. . . basket-Best basket-Best basket-Best & MISS DOROTHY CHASE TOWED E. T.CARMODY i . . -j- -j- -j- Mr. and Mrs. Irwing Hall Chase, of "Rose Hill" Waterbury, Conn., and Palm Beach, announce the engagement engagement of their daughter, Miss Dorothy Mather Chase, to Edward Thomas Carmody, son of Mr. and Mrs. Terence F. Carmody, of Wa-tertown, Wa-tertown, Wa-tertown, Conn. Miss Chase was graduated from Saint Margaret's School at Water-bury, Water-bury, Water-bury, and the Bennett School of Applied Arts, Milbrook, and afterwards afterwards studied music . in Paris, France. , Miss Chase is the granddaughter granddaughter of Augustus . Sabin Chase, a prominent banker and manufacturer, manufacturer, and of Stephen Wright Kellogg, Kellogg, Yale University '46, a noted lawyer and member of congress for several years. She is the sister of Mrs. Thomas Ewing, jr., of New York, (who was formerly Miss Lucia H. Chase), uel H. Minuse of Meridan. Conn.nd, of Cincinnati, Ohio, (who was who is a member of the Sam-O-Set! Sam-O-Set! Sam-O-Set! Sam-O-Set! Sam-O-Set! formerly Miss Eleanor K. Chase), summer colony at Rockland Break-. Break-. Break-. and also of Mrs. James R. Sheldon, water, Me., motored up from Miami ; jr., (who was Miss Marjorie S. for luncheon also Tuesday. i Chase).. Another sister is Miss Eliza beth Irwing Chase, who is known in the younger set at Narragansett Pier, R. I. Edward Thomas Carmody prepared prepared for college at Canterbury School, and graduated from Yale University, class of 1927, and from the Yale Law School in 1930. He is associated with the law firm of Carmody and Thomas at Water-buiy. Water-buiy. Water-buiy. Miss Dorothy Chase is well-known well-known well-known in the younger set at Narragansett Narragansett Pier, R. I., where her parents have a villa, Miramar, on Ocean Road, overlooking Narragansett Narragansett Bay. Her mother, Mrs. Irving H. Chase, is a prominent member of the summer colony at Narragansett and is noted for her entertainments at the Rhode Island resort Mrs. Chase also has a winter home at Palm Beach, and is well-known well-known well-known in the colony at th Florida winter resort. The engagement of Miss Chase is of interest to social circles in New York, and the resort colonies of Newport, R. I., Narragansett Pier. R. I., and Palm Beach. FOR JUNIORS DANCE this SAILFISH CLUB OPENS WINTER FISH CONTEST With building records in excess of the $3,000,000 mark, Palm Beach on Wednesday terminated one of the most active years of construction construction in the town's history. Even wHth the exception of the $500,000 permit for the Harold S. Vanderbilt villa, out of the corporate corporate limits of the town, the building building totals of $2,695,925, announced by Inspector Edward Ehinger, topped the $2,554,349 of 1929. Owing Owing to the fact that the Vanderbilt villa was classed as a Palm Beach project, the totals were officially listed at $3,195,829, the largest sine the boom era. The year of 1930 witnessed the construction of several magnificent new homes for the Palm Beach winter colony, including those for Joseph E. Widener, South Ocean Boulevard; Otto Kahn, Nort- Nort- Ocean Boulevard; Harrison Williams, complete complete renovations, North Ocean Boulevard; John Sanford, additions. additions. North Ocean Boulevard; John R. Bryden, L. E. Cofer, Joseph Joseph Snyder, Dr. D. J. MaCarthy, Alex Geiger, Henry K. Wells, E. B. C. Adams, and others. Among the older homes which underwent extensive additions were E. T. Stotesbury, Mrs. Henry R. Read, Mayor John Shepard, jr., Clifford Brokaw. Mrs. A. G. Kay constructed a most interesting new house on South Palm Beach avenue avenue as an experiment. The Hut-ton Hut-ton Hut-ton Building in the Plaza and the Schmidt Building on Worth ave nue were notable additions to the commercial life of the community. Permits by month were: January, $36,700;, February, $10,000; March, $55,165; April, $190,050; May, $1,223,- $1,223,- . 400; June, $94,650; July, $248,250; August, $301,000; September, $40,-825; $40,-825; $40,-825; November, $55,150; December, $80,850. The construction of seawalls has been an outstanding feature of the last two months of the year. NEW YEAR PARTY AT HALL HOME Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. HalJ are entertaining at their home on El Bravo Way today In observance of the New Year. Fifty of their friends have been asked to gather for a buffet supper at 5:30 o'clock to be followed by dancing from 6 to 9 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thomas of Chicago, have arrived to be the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Thorn, BREAKERS TEA DANCE CANCELED Out of respect to the memoiy of Dr. George Morgan Ward whose funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon, afternoon, there was no tea dance at the Breakers Tuesday. Those who had planned to entertain groups of their friends, postponed their parties parties until Wednesday. One of the largest of these delightful affairs was that to which Miss Pauline Bode, daughter of Mr. and Mis. William F. Bode who are season guests at the hotel, was hostess. Included among those accepting her hospitality were Miss Kath-erine Kath-erine Kath-erine Clarke, Miss Polly and Miss Jane Merritt, Mrs. George Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. James Butler, Mrs. Ethel Ogle, Miss Josephine, Miss K"thleen and Miss Dorothy Buckley, Buckley, Miss Marian Emery, Sam Gioves, John Kerr, Edward Valier, William and Gerald Buckley, Harry Harry Lee Creary, Hugh Willoughby, George and Gordon Fuller, John Calvert, Robert Cleveland and Ralph Webber. ner orchestra in the club house and by the Crandall Jazz orchestra in the Palm Grove. Feminine guests were presented with attractive imported compacts as favors. GOLFERS MANY I . . . . .. at everglades ANGLERS CLUB HOLDS - asVas FORMAL OPENING PARTY i icaiuems giaauauy swells take advantage of the excellent condition of the Everglades golf course. On Tuesday many mem-bers mem-bers mem-bers and their guests enjoyed hours of play over the links which have gradually been put in condition until until now the full 18 holes are in readiness. Playing there Tuesday were Mrs. G. D. Pryor with Mrs. George Sykes Wallen; Mrs. W. G. Brokaw and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Vail Brokaw formed a threesome; Dr. Edmund Leuoy Dow, Nathan D, Bill and Frank Vernon Skiff went round the course together and with Commodore Commodore Edgar F. Luckenbach were J. Terry West and John N., Steele. John Fleming and John Sanford repeated the twosome they have played frequently during the past week; Frederick W. Gwynne and De Forrest Lyon enjoyed the .hours on the links together as did Thomas R. Cowell and Phil Sawyer. Sawyer. Hoyt Smith played with Roger Downs. With hundreds of colored lights transforming the grounds and clubhouse clubhouse at the Palm Beach Anglers' & Sports Club into a brilliant jewel beside Lake Worth, the club on the North Lake Trail furnished one of the most spectacular New Year's Eve rendezvous last evening. The club's formal opening on New Year's Eve has become a famous famous institution in Palm Beach, and last night's affair lived up to all the traditions, with entertainment entertainment features interspersing the dancing up until the dawn. Breakfast Breakfast at 6 o'clock is to be followed at sunrise today by a flag-raising flag-raising flag-raising at which time the club's new Santa Mana pennant will be hoisted. Arriving guests found Anglers avenue from the roadway to Lake Worth brilliantly alight with red, white and blue incandescent globes. The Palm Grove was festooned with 800 vari-colored vari-colored vari-colored lights and formed a beautiful spot, while six huge flood lights played on the lake and the sports courts. At 10:30 o'clock Judge E. B. Don-nell Don-nell Don-nell made the presentation of. the club's summer trophies. Just before before midnight there was a short program by a trio of musicians. The midnight hour was observed in novel fashion by the dimming of lights and the appearance of a huge, gaily dressed doll across the ceiling. As she reached the center, center, a shower of roses fell from her skirts on to the dancers and disclosed disclosed the words, "Happy New Year." The lights flashed on as the orchestra played "Auld Lang Syne." A turkey supper followed. Presentation of a diamond button button to Roger Bacon for catching an eight-foot eight-foot eight-foot sailfish was a feature following supper. Mme. Fontajne and her six hula dancers were enthusiastically enthusiastically applauded in their sun dance, after which Miss Dorothy Dorothy Kal gave jazz specialties and an Hawaian trio followed. Favor dances and a flame dance under Miss Anita Michelle's direction featured featured the early morning hours. Music was furnished by the Rich- Rich- NUTTINGS HOSTS SWIMMING PARTY "Nuestro Paridiso,' the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Z. Nutting on South Ocean Boulevard was the setting, setting, , Wednesday morning, for a unique and enjoyable holiday affair when they entertained a group of the younger set at a swimming party in the pool adjoining , their house. After swimming, there was dancing in the patio where refreshments refreshments were also served. One of the most delightful features of the morning was the group of selections selections Mr. Nutting played for the guests on the pipe organ. Mr. and Mrs. Nutting will give another similar similar affair on Friday morning. Included among their guests were Miss Marietta Adams, Miss Ruth and Miss Helen Bartholomew, Miss Anne Askew Davies, Miss Ruth Marian Quigley, Miss Virginia Virginia Cochrane, Mrs. S. C. Happer-sett, Happer-sett, Happer-sett, Mrs. Oscar Godson Davies, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Quigley, Frank Quigley, jr., John Dasso, Al- Al- Affair Scheduled Evening at Ever glades Club Reservations are coming in rapidly for the supper dance for Juniors which is to be an Innova tion of this year, given this evening at the Everglades Club, that the affair affair promises to be highly successful successful and doubtless will be repeated in future seasons. Dancing is to begin at nine and supper will be served at midnight. If the weather is propitious, dancing and supper will be in the famous Orange Gardens Gardens and if not, in the newly decorated decorated ballroom adjoining. Saturday afternoon is the date announced for the Chlldrens party which is for much younger sons and daughters of members than the supper dance tonight Hours are from four to six. All children of club members 'are invited; games, music by the Everglades Club orchestra orchestra and supper served between five and six will be the program planned to entertain them. Miss Bonnie Mae Murray will be in charge of both affairs. Reservations for dinner parties to precede the supper dance for Juniors Juniors to be held this evening at the Everglades club have been made by Mr .and Mrs. Charles M. Amory who have invited 12 guests; by Mr. and Mrs. Willey Lyon Kingsley and by Mrs. George Warren Fuller. Reservations for the dance include include those made by Joseph and John Shields, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Scullin, for four; James Austin Wall who is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ellsworth Bemis, for four; by Mrs. Edward Beale McLean for six and Mrs. Arthur Arthur Somers Roche, for six. Mrs. McLean's and Mrs. Roche's reservations reservations are for their children and their guests. E. F. FOLEY IS ILL The friends of E. F. Foley well-known well-known well-known photographer of New York, Paris and Palm Beach, will regret to learn that he Is ill at the Harbor Sanitarium, in New York, whers he was .taken on Christmas Day. According to word from Mrs. Foley, Foley, Mr. Foley was taken to the hospital hospital extremely ill with bronchial pneumonia, and though his condition condition has improved, he is still seriously seriously ill. The Foleys had planned to leave Tuesday for Palm Beach, but have postponed their trip indefinitely. The Sailfish Club of Florida officially officially inaugurated its season today with the launching of the winter fishing contest, an outstanding sports event eeach year in Palm Beach. A magnificent array of trophies, the most elaborate ever assembled for the club, has just been placed on display In the windows of Green-leaf Green-leaf Green-leaf & Crosby, Breakers Hotel. Entries Entries will be made at the Poinciana docks as usual. At the same time the house committee committee of the Sailfish Club announced announced a series of tea dances for members and guests, the first to be held on Wednesday afternoon, January January 21. Succeeding tea-dances tea-dances tea-dances from 8 to 5 o'clock will be held on first and third Wednesday afternoon afternoon during February and March. The dances will be held in the club ' rooms in the Breakers and Poin-1 Poin-1 Poin-1 ciana casino. The following trophies will be awtrded at the end of the season: , LIGHT-TACKLE LIGHT-TACKLE LIGHT-TACKLE CLASS I Sailfish: 1. Length President's Trophy, ! presented by John Shepard, jr., I mahogany chest of beverage silver. 2. Length Club Consolation Tro-1 Tro-1 Tro-1 -Von -Von Hofe rod and reel. Weight E. R. Bradley Tro- Tro- -sterling -sterling ice cube container. Length twelve sterling gob- gob- phy- phy- 1. phy- phy- 3. lets. 2. 4. 3. pitcher. Weight sterling silver bowl. Length sterling coffee set. Weight sterling silver water 5. Length sterling relish dish.' ,4. Weight- Weight- silver platter. Marlin: Weight- Weight- sterling silver bowl. Kingfish: 1. Length sterling A. D. coffee set and tray. 1. Weight sterling entree dish. 2. Length silver ice tub. 2. Weight military brushes and comb, in case. Amberjack: 1. Length silver vase. 1. Weight silver candy box. Barracuda: Weight sterling water pitcher. Dolphin: 1. Length A. D. coffee service. 1. Weight console set. Bluefish: Weight sterling candy box. Bonita: Weight sterling, two ash trays. Pompano: Weifht sterling, two cigarette j jars. HEAVY TACKLE Sailfish: Length silver stormoguide. Kingfish: Weight sterling bridge score pad j and pencil. Amberjack: Weight sterling, four sailfish ash trays. Grouper: Weight cigarette box with enamel enamel sailfish. Bonitt: Weight cigarette box with enamel enamel sailfish. ' Junior Prize wrist watch. mmmm DANCERS GREET YEAR V I Colorful Throng Watches Old Year Pr.ss; Atmosphere Atmosphere Is Gay ACTIVITIES IN BRIEF fred Wagg, III, James Speyer, Robert Robert Webb, Robert Cole and Thomas Goodwin. "HAPPY NEW YEAR," SHEPARD DECLARES TO TWO CITIES "The Post offers me the opportunity opportunity of publicly wishing a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to the residents of the twin cities of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. May I add my appreciation of the many courtesies extended to me by citizens of both cities and for the ever-ready ever-ready ever-ready help of the council council of Palm Beach and its town manager. "It has been a source of happi ness to find the mayor of West Palm Beach and its commission always always ready with a kind word and helping hand. "With all working together, a brilliant future is assured for Palm Beach as a residential city and West Palm Beach as one of ever-growing ever-growing ever-growing business and added homes!" JOHN SHEPARD, JR. Mayor of Palm Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Orra Lester Brailey of Toledo, Ohio, arrived on Monday Monday to spend the winter, according to their usual custom, at their home on Sea Breeze avenue. With them was their daughter, Caroline Louise. On Saturday night, Mr. and Mrs. Brailey will entertain at dinner, Informally. Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Zuvor of Mussilon, Ohio, who are arriving that day with their children, Jean and David. Mr. and Mrs. Zuvor will again occupy the villa on Sea Breeze avenue that they leased last winter. Mr. and Mrs. Brailey entertained last night at an informal New Years Eve party at their home, inviting a small group of guests. Arriving Wednesday at Lag-o-mar Lag-o-mar Lag-o-mar Lag-o-mar Lag-o-mar Mrs. Henry R. Rea's Palm Beach home on South Ocean Boulevard, were Mrs. Rea with her son, Henry O. Rea of Pittsburgh and his children, children, Oliver and Michael. Mrs. Rea, who was here earlier in the season, went north to spend Christmas Christmas with her son and his children. children. Frederick Foster Carey, jr., of Richmond, Va., is to arrive today to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Foster Carey at their Sea Spray avenue home. Miss Polly and Miss Jane Merritt, Merritt, who are spending the season at the Breakers, will be hosts this afternoon to several of the college set, at the afternoon tea dance in the central loggia of the hotel. The arrival of Mr. and Mrs. John Sargent Pillsbury of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, prominent members of the cottage colony, will take place shortly after January 15 at their home "La Chosa" on Banyan Road Jungle Point. With them will be their children, Charles A., Jane and George L. Pillsbury. Mrs. Dodge Sloane entertained last night tit a small dinner at her home on the Ocean Boulevard. Mrs. Dodge Sloane, Mr. and Mrs. John C. King and William Rhine-lander Rhine-lander Rhine-lander Stewart formed a group lunching Wednesday at the Patio Lamaze. Mr. and Mrs. John Claw-son Claw-son Claw-son and their house guest Mr. Ward formed another small party and with Robert Breeze were three guests. Mrs. Henry Rea, of South Ocean Boulevard, and party from New York arrived here Wednesday on the Seaboard Airline "railway for the winter. SUPPER DANCE AT MILLER HOME A group of the young college set were attractively entertained last night when Miss Anne Queenan Miller was hostess at a buffet supper supper and dance at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Miller on Australian avenue. The Christmas note was strikingly accented accented in the profusion of red and white gladioli and roses adorning the long buffet table and the rooms. Guests of Miss Miller were her sisters, Miss Ela May and Miss Sara Gene Miller, Miss May Haase, Miss Marietta Adams, John Dasso, George Fuller, Alen Weatherby, Maurice Murray and Tommy Goodwin. Goodwin. : - - Thronging the roof of the New Palm Beach Hotel last night was a brilliant assemblage from the Palm Beaches dancing the old year out and welcoming 1931 with high spirited gaiety, "Happy New Year" strung In colored colored letters over the entrance to the roof greeted the guests and in the large glass enclosed rooms a hundred yellow, red, blue and green balloons bobbed above the merrymakers, merrymakers, enhancing the festive appearance appearance of the scene. Clappers and blowers and smart paper hats that had been brought from New York especially for the occasion added to . the hilarity. The first day of the New Year was given a warm and lolly reception reception by the two hundred guests atop the New Palm Beach. Parties which started earlier in the evening concluded concluded on the roof and the hotel orchestra played hour after hour as the dancers moved over the indoor dance floors and out in the garden beneath the stars. A hundred members of the Beth Israel Sisterhood of which Mrs. David Fcldman is president, attended attended the dance, including: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Halpern, Mr. and Mrs. David Feldman, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Prager, Mr. and Mrs, -M. -M. Pastroff, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Feldman, Miami, Dr. and Mrs. Carl N. Herman, Dr. and Mrs. J. Kaplan Kaplan and party, Mr .and Mrs. J, Fein, Mrs. Abe Kominies, J. Meyers,' Mr. and Mrs. Sam Goldstein, Mr, and Mrs. B. Blake, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs, M. Green-berg, Green-berg, Green-berg, Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Gruner, Mr. and Mrs. W. Halm, Mr. and Mrs. Jos, Halpern, Mr. and Mrs. M. Haimourtz, Mr. and Mrs. M, Kutner, Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee, Mr, and Mrs. . Manassa and party, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Mendel, Mr. and Mrs, Sam Scher and party, S. Wax, Mr, and Mrs. H. Sirkin, Mr. and Mrs, J. Held and party, Mr. and Mrs. T, S. Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. M. Dubin, Mr. and Mrs. D. Tisnower, Mr. and Mrs. M. Liebowitz, Mr. and Mrs. A. Kerman, Mr. and Mrs. M. Harberb, Mr. and Mrs. A. Dubin, Mrs. Louisa Geiger and party, Ben Halpern, Mrs. E. Eibcnder of Washington,, Irving Tepner. Others having tables on the roof last night were: R. B. Churchill with a party of six, L. Gutman, also entertaining six guests; Mr. and Mrs. John Ziegler, W. Fagg and , many more. This afternoon a tea dance will be held in the lounge at four o'clock or if the weather permits, the patio will be used. The hotel grill is attracting attracting crowds daily, with musio being played at luncheon and dinner. dinner. W. MacNcil Rodewald who has been staying at the New Palm Beach Hotel, is expecting his sister Miss A. Leontine Rodewald of Tuxedo Tuxedo Park, to arrive next week. Mr. Rodewald has leased a house on Sunset avenue which they will occupy occupy for the remainder of the season season ,

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